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Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

The setting is one of rare beauty with many mountain tarns, cataracts, and large streams. Across the Soleduck River from Eagle Guard Station is the Sol Duc Hot Springs, where a large swimming tank is filled with naturally hot mineralized water.

In 1912, the first Sol Duc Resort, an elegant, five-star hotel complete with a bowling alley and theater, was completed. Burned to the ground in 1916, several years passed before the present resort was constructed. Though less ambitious, the resort continues to draw visitors, who enjoy several mineral water pools.

A trail here leads south through the wilds of the Mount Olympus National Monument to the headwaters of the Sol Duc River. A branch trail traverses the western slope of the Olympic National Forest along one of its largest streams.

An Native American legend relates that two dragons, Sol Duc and Elwha, engaged in bitter conflict. As neither could subdue the other, they crept back to their caverns, sealed the entrances, and wept tears of mortification. Their tears form the Sol Duc and Olympic hot springs.