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Stuart Landing Barns

Three historic dairy barns sit on Stuart Landing property in the Snoqualmie Valley Agricultural Production District. The barns adjoin Weiss Creek and the pastures are edged on one side by the historic Everett branch of the Milwaukee Railroad grade, now the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, and on the other by Carnation-Duvall Road. The farm is composed of 111 acres sited along the Snoqualmie River, 92 acres of which sits in the floodplain. The main railroad stop for Carnation Farm, called Stuart (so named for Carnation Farm’s founder, Elbridge Amos Stuart), was sited here, as was a Snoqualmie River ferry landing and a bridge over the river. Some older farm building in the floodplain are long gone, with only old maps and a few foundations to show their one-time existence. However, three main dairy barns remain intact, perched looking out over the floodplain where dairy and beef cattle munched contentedly in the rich pastures replenished by the floods. The barns span an age range from 50–70 years old and taken together show the progression in standard barn building materials and techniques during this time, from board and batten siding in the 1930’s to the use of concrete block in the 1950s.