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Prior to 1890, the town’s name was Glendale. In 1890, the post office changed to the present name because of confusion with Glendale, Oregon and with Glendive, Montana. The name Trafton was the choice of George Estabrook, who owned the town site. He attached the abbreviation for town to the first syllable of Trafalgar, a famous square in London which in turn was named for the Battle of Trafalgar where the British sea power destroyed that of the French Navy.

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Trafton Schoo

The Trafton School, constructed in 1912, is a typical two-story, rural four-room schoolhouse that exhibited the community of Trafton’s commitment to children and their education. It remains today as an intact example of rural school architecture in Snohomish County. The building is one of four like-designed structure, only two of which remain.