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Upright Channel

The ferry route follows an easterly winding course along deep green aisles between rock-bound, tree-covered islands, every turn presenting a new vista of tide-washed shore.

The water passage between the north end of Lopez Island and the southeast shore of Shaw Island is named Upright Channel. Canoe Island, mid-channel, reduces this passage almost to river width. The passage was named Frolic Strait by Cmdr. Wilkes in 1841 for the British brig Frolic which was captured on October 18, 1812, by the U.S. Sloop-of-war Wasp. Wilkes’ name was replaced by the present name which was first placed on a chart by Capt. Richards of the Royal Navy in 1858.

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Canoe Island

Canoe Island, a rocky upthrust of about 50 acres surmounted by dark green conifers, narrows Upright Channel to river width.

Shannon Point

Shannon Point is on the northwest tip of Fidalgo Island in west central Skagit County. Capt. Richards placed this point on British charts as Ship Point in 1858. Later it appeared on U.S.C.& G. Survey charts under the present name for a real estate developer E.L. Shannon.