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White River Entrance

This White River rises in two forks on the north and northeast slopes of Mount Rainier. It flows north to join the Greenwater River and then flows west through Mud Mountain Reservoir and Dam. It continues northwest into south King County, then south to the Puyallup River at Sumner. It joined Green River south of Auburn until 1906, when it broke out of its channel and followed the Stuck River channel in its present course. The name describes the milky color of the river’s water, caused by a burden of glacial flour. The Native American name was S’kamish, meaning mixed water.

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White River Mess Hall and Dormitory

This may be the only remaining Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp building remaining in Mount Rainier National Park. The six-room, wood frame structure was built by the National Park Service for the CCC camp at White River in 1933.