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Revisiting Washington

A highway guide to The Evergreen State

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Japanese American Remembrance Trail

Explore the Japanese American Remembrance Trail, an urban hike in Seattle’s original Japantown from Pioneer Square to the Chinatown-International District to the Central District.

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African American Heritage

African American Heritage Sites

Chronicling 15 African American heritage sites in King County across the themes of Legacy, Arts and Culture, Call to Action, and Spirituality and Community. Presented in partnership with The Black Heritage Society of Washington State.

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Japanese American Heritage

Vashon Island

Japanese American agriculture on Vashon began around 1900 and farmers created a close-knit and thriving community on the island despite despite barriers to citizenship and land ownership, as well as wartime mass incarceration.

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Latino Heritage

Latino Heritage in Washington State

The history of Spanish-speaking peoples in the PNW reaches back to the 18th century. In the last 30 years, the Latino story has continued to evolve in WA. Immigrants from Central and South America have expanded and diversified the Latino presence.

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San Juan Islands

Along the island's jagged shores, sinewy red-trunked madronas and wind-stunted green conifers stand above tawny rocks, beckoning visitors to explore some of the state's most scenic shoreline and waterways.

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Canadian Border to Vancouver

Following Territorial military roads linking settlements along Puget Sound the tour crosses sluggish rivers flowing through fertile bottom lands, passes orchards and road side inns, and visits small town main streets and major urban centers.

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Featured Main Street


Neatly laid out on the floor of Kittitas Valley, Ellensburg is approximately the geographic center of the State, and retains much of its early Western atmosphere, agricultural heritage, and richly hued turn-of-the century masonry buildings.

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Neah Bay

Makah Cultural and Research Center exhibits the rich cultural heritage of the Makah. The Makah excelled in the art of canoe making, their finished canoes ranging from the shovel-nose dugout, used in ascending shallow streams to ocean going canoes.

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Explore Spokane

Hub of the Inland Empire and gateway to multiple tours, Spokane's beautiful downtown, historic parks, and many cultural attractions becon visitors of all ages.


About Revisiting Washington

Washington, A Guide to the Evergreen State was first published in 1941 as our state’s contribution to the massive American Guide Series. The entire series included volumes on every one of the then 48 states as well as several cities and distinct locales. Conceived as a Federal New Deal project during the 1930s, the guides were part history, part cultural record and part travel maps. Over a period of almost a decade, thousands of writers, artists, photographers, mapmakers and professional wanderers traveled the country’s roadways in a remarkable eff†ort to “record the landscape of the American mind.”

Revisiting Washington: A Guide to the Evergreen State is a revisitation of the original Washington guidebook, complete with the historic content but updated with current field notations and digital navigational tools. Revisiting Washington also includes a rich collection of images and graphics of roadside Washington along with historic audio and video selections.