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This 35 mile side trip goes along the eastern bank of the Klickitat River, which flows between high canyon walls, and through the Klickitat Wild and Scenic River area.

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A railroad station on the Klickitat River north of Dallesport in west central Klickitat County. It was established by L. C. Wright in 1890 and called Wright’s. In 1910, the post office changed to the present name, and, in 1913, so was the railroad station. By the 1940s it was the site of the Gas Ice Corporation’s plant which manufactured “dry ice” from natural carbon dioxide wells at Klickitat Mineral...

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Points of Interest
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McCrow Building

Mile: 13

The seat of Klickitat County. Brick buildings, new and ancient, front on the well-paved main street. Loggers, farmers, mill-men in pitch-spotted “tin” pants, and cattlemen, some with chaps, spurs, and ten-gallon hats, once strode the streets. Lumber and flour mills, box, sash, and door factories, dairying and diversified farming were the principal industries. The town was named after John J. Golden, who homesteaded here in 1863. Goldendale lies at the...

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Points of Interest
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Klickitat County Courthouse

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Goldendale Free Public Library

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Newell House

Mile: 34