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This 44 mile side trip travels through the South Nooksack and Samish River valleys between Van Zandt Dike, Blue Mountain, and Lyman Hill (ridges along east side) and Anderson Mountain (along west side).

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A former lumber camp on the South Fork of the Nooksack River. The place was named in 1892 when a post office was established. It was for J. Milner Van Zandt, the first postmaster, who homesteaded there in 1883. The post office continued in operation until February 28, 1955. By the 1930s the Northern Pacific Railway ran through the valley, with multiple smaller logging railroads branching out and up into...

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Mile: 77

The center of a region that has accomplished successfully the transition from large-scale logging and lumbering to farming. Once covered with heavy stands of western red cedar, the land, lying in the valley of the Skagit River, required only clearing and cultivation to be made productive. The area yielded large crops of strawberries, peas, cabbage, kale, and other vegetables; some sections were given over to dairy farms and poultry ranches....

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Mile: 57