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This 54 mile side trip explores farming communties in the Nooksack River valley and Sumas Prairie.

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One of the richest agricultural regions in the State. Logged-off lands, cleared of stumps by a laborious and expensive process of blasting, pulling, and burning, now produce excellent crops of vegetables, berries, fruits, daffodils, and tulips in commercial quantities. Years of intensive cultivation are required to make farming such land profitable. The climate and soil of this part of the State are well suited to the growing of sugar beets,...

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Located in what is now Berthusen Memorial Park, the area was originally the homestead site of Hans C. and Linda H. Berthusen. The barn, privy, and 20-acre virgin forest are the only remaining features from the farmstead. Completed in 1901, the Berthusen Barn is comprised in two sections, an older 1887 English style barn, and a large Bank barn addition. In 1901, Hans Berthusen and Jack Jensen tripled the size...

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A substantial, thriving distribution and market center of northern Whatcom County, it was settled in 1869. Among its industrial plants were an egg warehouse, from which carloads of eggs were shipped to New York City; a barreling plant for packing strawberries and other fruits; a creamery, operated by the Whatcom County Dairymen’s Association; and a plant for converting surplus, skim, and sour milk into stock food. Since 1900, when the...

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US Post Office

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Lynden Department Store

A boundary town of frame and old brick buildings. In 1858, during the first of the periodic gold rushes, a number of prospectors with great difficulty made their way overland along an Native American trail through Sumas Valley to the wilderness of the upper Fraser River country. Sumas was the fourth organized border station in the history of the U.S./Canadian border crossing locations. Yet, even with gold strikes in both...

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