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Berthusen Barn and Privy

Located in what is now Berthusen Memorial Park, the area was originally the homestead site of Hans C. and Linda H. Berthusen. The barn, privy, and 20-acre virgin forest are the only remaining features from the farmstead. Completed in 1901, the Berthusen Barn is comprised in two sections, an older 1887 English style barn, and a large Bank barn addition. In 1901, Hans Berthusen and Jack Jensen tripled the size of the barn. Constructed originally for storage of hay, crops, cattle and other sundries, Berthusen utilized the 1901 expanded space to sell excess commodities from his farm. The barn is also significant as a property that embodies the distinctive characteristics of a bank barn, a rare form in Washington state. The privy, carved from a large cedar stump, is also a rare resource on the cultural landscape in Washington. While Washington is known for its large abundance of trees, few grew to the size that would accommodate a privy like the one found on the Berthusen Farm.