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On the edge of the Yakima Indian Reservation and the Ahtanum Creek. The hills of Ahtanum Ridge on the south justify the Indian meaning of the name, “creek by the long mountain.” It was started in 1869 when W. P. Crosno claimed land there. This Indian name applied to Ahtanum Creek meant “creek by the long mountain.” The long mountain was Ahtanum Ridge, which stretches west to east over 16 miles. In striking contrast to the new brick buildings of Ahtanum is a ramshackle old blacksmith shop. On the sign in large bold letters is the word “Black-smithing”; in somewhat smaller letters, “Horseshoeing”; and at the bottom in tiny letters, “Auto Repairing.” The varying emphasis seems to express the owner’s grudging concession to modern industrial civilization. Across the road from the blacksmith shop are the remains of weatherbeaten Old Woodcock Academy, a three-story structure erected in 1892.