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The terminal of the Tacoma Eastern Railroad. Built along both sides of the highway on the side of a mountain, it overlooks a valley and the roofs of National’s mill and close-grouped cottages. Some of the employees of the mill live in Ashford, and other mill hands frequently drive the short distance to find relaxation in the Ashford tavern.

Ashford has lost much of its importance as a log-shipping center, and relies for the bulk of its livelihood on the trade of recreation seekers. Bear, deer, and other game animals are common in the adjoining region, and parties make it a point of departure for hunting expeditions.

Ashford is a community in the upper Nisqually Valley west of the Nisqually Park entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, in southeast Pierce County. It was named for Walter A. and Cora Ashford, who platted it in 1904, after purchasing the land from Northern Pacific Railway Company.

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Peter L. and Emma Hershey Homestead

This last remaining pioneer cabin the in the Nisqually Valley was built in 1886 by a cousin of the famous Hershey chocolate founder. Besides the 1.5 storey log home, nineteen fruit trees planted by Peter and Emma survive.

Ashford House

Known locally as the Ashford Mansion, the house was built in 1903 by Walter and Cora Ashford, the founders of the town. It was modeled after a Georgian-style English manor house, and was used as a semi-private rural hotel for prominent guests, aided by its location at the terminus of the Tacoma Eastern Railway.