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Barlow Bay

A small, partly-enclosed harbor at the south end of Mackaye Harbor on the south shore of Lopez Island in southeast San Juan County is called Barlow Bay. It was named for Capt. Arthur Barlow, who left a British sailing vessel to settle there during the San Juan boundary dispute, and remained for the rest of his life.

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Jevick Fishing Cabin

The Jevick Fishing Cabin is significant for its direct connection to the commercial fishing industry on Lopez Island during the early part of the 20th Century. Reportedly, the Jevick Cabin was originally built as a railroad construction shed and was barged to Barlow Bay by Jon Jevick sometime between 1911 and 1925. Local folklore records that the shed was acquired from the Duwamish River area called “Riverside.” After moving the cabin to its present site, John Jevick brought his family of four children to the cabin every summer.

Mackaye Harbor

This harbor is east of Richardson on the Strait of Juan de Fuca on south central Lopez Island in southeast San Juan County. The name was placed on British charts by Capt. Henry Richards in 1859. The name evidently was that of a local factor or agent of the Hudson’s Bay Company who once ran sheep on the island.

Iceberg Point

Iceberg Point is at the south end of Lopez Island, at the south entrance of Outer Bay, in south central San Juan County. It was named by George Davidson of U.S. Coast Survey in 1854. As recorded in Pacific Coast Pilot, his reason for the name was that “…on part of its southern cliff we discovered . . . remarkably deep and smooth marks of glacial action.”

Agate Beach County Park

Agate Beach County Park is at the extreme southern tip of Lopez Island. Rollers from the Pacific Ocean coming through the Strait of Juan DeFuca polish the stones on the beach.