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Lopez Island

This 25 mile side loops around Lopez Island exploring the key sites.

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Twelve miles long and four miles wide, Lopez Island deeply indented southern shore peppered with small islands and bare rocks, Lopez, with a population of 600, ranks third in size and agricultural importance among the San Juans. Its north coast is a salmon fishing center. The island was named in 1791 by Lieutenant Eliza for Lopez de Haro, thought to be the first to sight it. Several small settlements and...

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Oscar Weeks Water Tower

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Fisherman Bay

A small, partly-enclosed harbor at the south end of Mackaye Harbor on the south shore of Lopez Island in southeast San Juan County is called Barlow Bay. It was named for Capt. Arthur Barlow, who left a British sailing vessel to settle there during the San Juan boundary dispute, and remained for the rest of his life.

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Points of Interest
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Jevick Fishing Cabin

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Mackaye Harbor

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Iceberg Point

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Agate Beach County Park

The Port Stanley School, while modestly designed and suffering from neglect, remains the best-preserved example of early education on Lopez Island. Equally significant is the rural landscape component which envelopes the school site and validates the historical values of the island’s settlement period. Port Stanley, located at the northeast corner of Lopez Island, was one of three very small rural community center on the island. Each community consisted of a...

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