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Clark Sherman Farm

The Original owner of this property was John C. Davis. He established ownership under the Oregon Donation Territory Land Claim Act of 1850. He arrived on Whidbey Island in 1852 and immediately built a log cabin. During 1857, his log cabin was converted into a blockhouse. The blockhouse still stands in Sunnyside Cemetery which adjoins the Sherman property. It was stabilized during 2007. After John defaulted his property tax payments, the property was purchased by the Win Cook family. They farmed for several decades. Their farm house (still standing) was built in 1876. They also built several outbuildings including a barn.

Starting in 1929, Clark Sherman leased the property for two years. During 1931 Clark
purchased the entire farm and married Dorothy LeSourd. He paid off the farm in two
years. How he managed that during the depression is still a mystery. Clark and Dorothy
had three sons, Al, Roger and Jim. Al and Roger stayed on the farm and worked their
entire career as farmers on Ebey’s Prairie. During 1935 the barn burned down.

The new barn was built by the same man that built the Reuble barn on Fort Casey road, the barn that was recently restored by the National Park Service. The two barns are very similar. The north and south wings were built in the early 1940s. Eve troughs were built all the way around and the water was collected for cattle and domestic use.