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Galena Camp

Reached via a series of hairpin turns and winds above the canyon. On its ascent the highway offers a panoramic view of snow-crowned peaks and ridges. Far below, deep rocky gorges and green fir-clad slopes stretch into the distance. At Galena Forest Camp, sometimes buried by snow in winter, opens a full view of Mount Shuksan, thrusting a great knife-edged rock 1,000 feet above its main body. Its Native American name means “steep, rocky, precipitous”—and the peak successfully defied mountaineers until 1906. The Hanging Glacier, a palisade of ice from which huge sections occasionally tumble in clouds of white, is splashed with rainbow colors by the sun. The Highwood Lake and Picture Lake, each in a setting of meadow grass, reflect the distant mountain summits and the surrounding forests of pine, balsam, fir, and hemlock.