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Goat Rocks Viewpoint

Views of Goat Rocks and Mount Rainier from the viewpoint.

Goat Rocks rise to an 8,201 foot elevation east of the Cascades. An old Native American legend tells that La-Con-Nie was God of the Goat Rocks and herded wild goats in the area. This wild, rugged country was once inhabited by many of these animals. These are within the Goat Rocks Primitive Area. This high, rugged, and scenic area with elevations up to 8,200 ft. extends along crest of the Cascade mountains from Lakeview Mountain on the south to the White Pass area about eighteen miles north. It reaches eight miles west into Lewis County and six miles east into Yakima County. It has snowfields and mountain meadows, and abounds in wild game and bird life, including many herds of wild goats. The name comes from these mountain-loving animals.