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Heart O the Hills Ranger Station

Heart o’ the Hills, entry point to the Park and a popular recreational center on placid Lake Dawn, at the foot of triple-peaked Mount Angeles, with its many snowfields and glaciers. Near Heart o’ the Hills, Klahane Gardens once boasted nearly 3,000 blooming flowers and shrubs, including 300 varieties of lilies and 100 kinds of heather. Snowbirds, partridges, peacocks, and swans were found in the zoological gardens.

Although Klahane Gardens no longer exists as a formal park (the old Klahane Clubhouse, now under private ownership, still stands near Lake Dawn), the Klahane Ridge portion of the Mount Angeles Trail has been called the “hanging gardens” for the variety of flowering plants along the way.

The surrounding region is characterized by canyons, deep-cut glaciers, and turbulent streams, whose crystal-clear waters are the home of the gamy rainbow trout. Trails lead to high mountain meadows and close to glaciers.