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Hirabayashi Place (#19)

Although completed in early 2016, Hirabayashi Place is a building that merges the past to the present with a call to the future. Built by InterIm CDA, this seven-story, 96-unit affordable housing project provides a new anchor for Nihonmachi along its western edge.

The building is named in honor of Gordon Hirabayashi. While many Japanese Americans during World War II demonstrated their loyalty to America by serving in the U.S. military, Hirabayashi fought to uphold American values rooted in the U.S. Constitution by defying the evacuation order and curfew. He was arrested and jailed for his actions and fought a long but successful court battle to overturn his convictions and clear his name.

Legacy of Justice installations of public art and interpretive elements interweave throughout the building, anchored by a 10′ tall by 8′ artwork by Roger Shimomura, depicting various icons pertaining to Hirabayashi’s life and influence. Start with this artwork located at the south entrance, then explore the building’s outside along Main Street and 4th Avenue for more.


Hirabayashi Place was completed in early 2016.

Alabastro Photography. Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum.

Integrated building design elements contribute to the cultural fabric of Japantown.

Alabastro Photography. Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum.

Seven exterior and interior education and public art installations share Gordon Hirabayashi’s story and legacy.

Alabastro Photography. Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum.

Pavement inlays invoke calls for justice in Gordon Hirabayashi’s own words.

Alabastro Photography. Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum.