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King Barn

Located on pastureland near a marsh in the northern interior of San Juan Island. The main part of the post-and-beam, center-drive barn consists of seven bays that enclose a 33-foot-high hay mow, serviced by a hay rail and trolley system. Three large metal ventilators are located on top of the roof. The south shed, probably added in 1934 (as suggested by an inscription in the concrete floor), shelters a milking parlor with an estimated ten stanchions, complete with a concrete floor, manger, manure gutter, and walkways as well as an indoor creamery in the southwest corner. The other sheds were used for stables. The barn was built ca. 1905 to serve a farm owned by the Kings, or one of the other local families. Apparently, oats or barley was grown in a field that is now the Three Meadows Marsh and dairy cattle were also raised. In the early 1970s Manning (“Bill”) and Jeanne Cox incorporated this property and several others into Three Meadows Housing Development, consisting of 30 individually owned 5-acre parcels and 218 acres of common land.