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La Wis Wis Guard Station No. 1165

Formerly known as the Clear Fork Guard Station it is at the confluence of the Clear Fork and Ohanapecosh (deep blue pool) Rivers. The latter stream widens into a sapphire basin before uniting with the Clear Fork. The guard station, built in 1928, is in La Wis Wis Campground.

La Wis Wis Guard Station typifies the construction projects undertaken by the Civilian Conservation Corps and signifies the aid to the local community provided by the emergency work-relief project through employment of youth and experience craftsmen, purchase of building materials and camp supplies, and personal expenditures of enrollees. The project represents the Forest Service’s presence in the locality, as intradistrict headquarters for field operation, and denotes, via the physical facilities required to carry out the agency’s expanding responsibilities, the critical transition in the Service’s development from custodial superintendence to extensive resource management.

La Wis Wis Guard Station exemplifies the rustic architectural idiom developed by the Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, to impart Forest Service identity and to represent its purposes and ideals, and signifies the agency’s particular interpretation of a singular expression of early twentieth century American architectural thought. Possessing standards qualities of design and execution, the Guard Station is a good example of an architectural location invested with special aesthetic and associative values by the agency that created it.