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Lime Kiln State Park

The limestone industry of the San Juan Islands began in the 1860s. A small community grew up around a quarry and included a hotel, saloon, post office and at least twenty houses. The post office operated between 1879 and 1888.

A state park since 1984, limestone was first quarried at the site in 1860. In 1917, the U.S. Coast Guard erected a lighthouse at the point, with keeper’s quarters completed in 1919; both structures are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. While the Coast Guard continues to maintain the lighthouse for navigational assistance, the building also serves as a center for orca research, as the whales are often seen offshore.

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Lime Kiln Light Station

This light, among the last to be established of the major lights in the Puget Sound Straits area, makes an Eastern Point on Hard Strait, an important shipping lane. The Light was established in 1914 and the present structures were built subsequent to 1917. Because of the inherent difficulties of bringing a reliable source of electric power to the site, this light continued using IOV as the illuminant until after WWII.

San Juan Lime Company

San Juan Lime Company contains evidence of the lime rock, the structures, and the technology involved in the quarrying, processing, packing and shipping of lime products during 1860-1935. Remnants consist of three standing structures — two kilns and a water heater — and sixteen sites, which include remains of a boarding/cook house, barn, stable, cooperage, blacksmith shop, office, housing, wharf, warehouses and other structures. Quarries and a system of roads and trackage that transported the supply of limestone to the processing areas also remain. Beginning in 1860, the San Juan Lime Company conducted operations at the site until 1886, when Henry Cowell purchased it.

Deadman Bay

Deadman Bay is on the southwest shore of San Juan Island on Haro Strait southwest of Friday Harbor in southwest San Juan County. It was named for a workman who was killed and buried there, and who was reportedly the first white man to die in the San Juan Islands.

Mount Dallas

Mount Dallas, the highest point on San Juan Island, named after Alexander Dallas of the Hudson’s Bay Company.