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Marble is a community on the east bank of Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake between Evans and Northport in northwest Stevens County. It was started in 1898 after the Spokane Falls & Northern Railway built lines into the area. At that time, it was believed that there was an unlimited amount of fine marble in the surrounding area but the rock proved to be dolomite, which has much less architectural value than true marble. In 1910, a Kansas City corporation made a boom town of Marble. A large acreage was planted with orchard trees and interplanted with vegetables for seed production. Homes were built on three sides of a central square, in which there was a school house, a post office, and a residence hotel for unmarried workers. The project was abandoned in 1917. The place was almost deserted, the orchards died, and the buildings were demolished. At one time, Marble had a sawmill, a general store, a blacksmith shop, and a rowboat ferry across the river. Although often called a ghost town, it is not entirely deserted. The post office was closed in 1945.