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Ohop Valley

Beginning a descent into Ohop Valley, the road passes Ohop Bob’s Inn, which perches on the precipitous slope of an abrupt hill and overlooks the fertile valley far below. Mount Rainier towers above the landscape. Crossing the Ohop Creek Bridge, the highway winds upward through a mass of heavy firs, then descends rapidly to the floor of the valley.

The Valley, a 10,000 year old marshland environment, is currently undergoing restoration efforts.

Dairying was one of the major agricultural pursuits of valley residents. The valley originally was thick with tall cedar and fir trees, which immigrants cleared.

Ohop Bob is at the head of Ohop Valley, and its name is a combination of the Native American name for Ohop Valley, Ow-hap and the Scottish name for hill.

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Jacobson Barn

One of the any commercial dairy barns built in the valley between the 1930’s and 1960’s by Scandinavian Lutheran immigrants. The red Gambrel-roofed barn, built in 1930, is now part of Hillside Organic Farm.