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Rolling Bay

Sunrise Drive continues towards the midsection of the island, its most cultivated area, to a junction with Valley Road. Rolling Bay, a few hundred yards off the highway, is one of the oldest summer colonies on Bainbridge Island.

This scattered neighborhood of beach homes and small farms sits on the northeast shore of Bainbridge Island. The first name was Falk’s Bay, for Dona Falk, who claimed land there in 1876. On April 6, 1892, a post office was established and named Rollins Bay, for a local beach squatter. Inhabitants complained that Rollins’ character and habits were objectionable and changed the name to its present form with no particular significance.

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Skiff Point

Skiff Point so named by George Davidson of U.S. Coast Survey in 1856 to direct attention to its resemblance to an overturned skiff at low tide and for the number of skiffs stranded on its shallow bar.

Puget Sound Naval Academy

On the crest of the point are what remain of the buildings and grounds of the Puget Sound Naval Academy, a private preparatory school which trained students for the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis and the United States Coast Guard Academy at New London, Connecticut. This was formerly the Moran School, founded in 1914 as a private boarding school for boys, sold in 1938 and reorganized and renamed. New barracks were constructed and new equipment installed, including boats and other facilities. The Naval Academy closed its doors in 1951 but its remaining buildings, as well as those of the earlier Moran School, retain a notably high degree of integrity. Presently, the grounds and several of the early buildings function as Messenger House Care Center, a facility serving the needs of the elderly