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Bainbridge Island

  • Distance: 27 miles
  • Routes: SR 305
  • Estimated Driving Time: 1 hour

Bainbridge Island is eleven miles long and four miles in average width between Port Orchard Bay on the west and Puget Sound on the east in east central Kitsap County. Capt. George Vancouver sighted it, but did not recognize it as an island. Cmdr. Charles Wilkes discovered that it was an island when he traversed Agate Pass, and named it for Capt. William Bainbridge a naval hero of the War of 1812. The island had a prominent timber and agricultural history, though it is now largely residential.

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From its slip at the foot of Marion Street in Seattle, the broad-beamed ferry swings west across the Sound to Bainbridge Island. Home and vacation-place of well-to-do business and professional people, university instructors, and artists, Bainbridge Island might be called the aristocrat among the islands of Puget Sound. Many beautiful residences are scattered about the 11-mile-long island; summer camps are strung along the beaches. At the height of the vacation...

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Nine miles from its starting point, the ferry slips behind the protecting arm of Wing Point, to the right, and enters Eagle Harbor, a wedge-shaped inlet less than half a mile wide at its mouth. Tipped with feathery green trees and dotted with country homes, the slender point thrusts out into the sea to form the north boundary of the harbor. On the left, a high bluff protects the inlet...

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Points of Interest
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Restoration Point

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Wing Point

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Eagledale Ferry Dock

The ferry docks on the north shore of Eagle Harbor at Winslow, which is the largest population center of Bainbridge Island and formerly home of its largest industry, a shipbuilding plant covering 15 acres. Ocean steamers anchored in the harbor once dwarfed the cove. The plant is now operated as the Eagle Harbor Maintenance Facility for Washington State Ferries. A post office, established on August 11, 1890, was the start...

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The highway traverses a countryside once dotted with strawberry fields, mainly cultivated by Japanese who operate lands under lease. Bainbridge Gardens was, in 1941, one of the largest greenhouses on the island, from which many thousands of Easter lilies were shipped annually. It is still in operation and claims title as the oldest nursery and gardening business on the island.

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Sidetrip: Poulsbo

This 11-mile side trip leaves Bainbridge Island, crossing Agate pass to Kitsap Peninsula and the maritime community of Poulsbo along Liberty Bay.

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Sunrise Drive continues towards the midsection of the island, its most cultivated area, to a junction with Valley Road. Rolling Bay, a few hundred yards off the highway, is one of the oldest summer colonies on Bainbridge Island. This scattered neighborhood of beach homes and small farms sits on the northeast shore of Bainbridge Island. The first name was Falk’s Bay, for Dona Falk, who claimed land there in 1876....

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Points of Interest
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Skiff Point

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Puget Sound Naval Academy

South of Skiff Point, Manitou Beach Drive follows around the shore of Murden Cove, where small roads branch inland. Murden Cove was once the proposed western terminus for a cross-sound bridge from West Point in Seattle to between Ferncliff and Manitou Beach, on the east shore of Bainbridge Island. In 1856, it was named by the U.S. Coast Survey for a beach dweller in the cove and appears on some...

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