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Sunnyside Cemetery

Located on a sloping hill. Here many early settlers are interred, their family plots guarded by iron fences or low walls of marble. Within the boundary of the cemetery is the Davis Blockhouse, built in 1855, with rifle loopholes staring darkly from the walls of the second story. Its interior is distinguished by a stone fireplace, with a chimney of sticks and dried mud. The house was restored in 1930 by the Ladies of the Round Table.

Across Cemetery Road from Sunnyside Cemetery is the Ebey Prairie Overlook, one of several waysides and interpretive sites added to this area since its designation in 1978 as Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. While there is no visitors’ center specifically for the Reserve, the Island County Historical Museum in Coupeville provides information.

Ebey’s Prairie Trail departs from the southwest end of the road.