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Yarr Barn

The barn and milk shed are on a 200-acre property homesteaded and cleared of forested wetlands in the 1890s. Streams were straightened and wetlands drained. The farm was a dairy until the 1960s. The farm runs down the Tarboo Creek valley for one and one-half miles and provides an excellent opportunity to restore productive salmon, wildlife and wetland habitats. Northwest Watershed Institute purchased the farm from Danny Yarr, whose ancestors homesteaded property.

The farm is the base of operations for NWl’s watershed restoration and education efforts in the region. Currently, a major salmon and stream restoration project is underway as an NRCS cost-share project. NWI uses the barn heavily for storing field equipment and supplies for stream and wetland restoration work. NWI plans to eventually use the property and barn as a regional field research station and outdoor education facility.