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East Trail Hill Climb Challenge Intensive

Just two blocks long, but it’s a doozy. Get your heart pumping up this hill climb challenge through a quiet residential street. End the climb with a view to Site #37 Washington State Labor Council.

(The Trail turns west at S Jackson St towards Rainier Ave S. There is no crosswalk at 16th Ave S & S Jackson St, so beware of cross traffic at this intersection.) 

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Also known as: The J; JCCCW Shikata ga nai. You take whatever you are given and work with it. Minidoka, the Japanese concentration camp near Hunt, Idaho, was closing. After living there for three years during the War, families now had to quickly make arrangements to leave the camp. But they couldn’t leave until they had arranged a place to go. And that was no easy task. People had left...

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Mile: 0.00

Also known as: St. Peter’s What started in houses in the late 19th c. by a small group of Japanese Anglicans and formed as the Japanese Mission of the Episcopal Church in Seattle in 1908, eventually grew to this church property, built in 1932. While the church would close during World War II as members of the congregation were forcibly incarcerated in U.S. concentration camps, church members returned after the...

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Mile: 0.09

Look up along the roofline of the building to see the exterior mural with scenes from Washington State’s labor history, including the Japanese American World War II incarceration shown on the building’s south side. The “Jackson Street Workers Mural” was unveiled in April 2017. After three years of research, artists Katherine Chilcote and Devon Midori celebrate and hold up Seattle’s working class in vivid color across 72 panels, chronicling local...

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Mile: 0.17