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Washington State Labor Council (#37)

Look up along the roofline of the building to see the exterior mural with scenes from Washington State’s labor history, including the Japanese American World War II incarceration shown on the building’s south side.

The “Jackson Street Workers Mural” was unveiled in April 2017. After three years of research, artists Katherine Chilcote and Devon Midori celebrate and hold up Seattle’s working class in vivid color across 72 panels, chronicling local and state labor history from the 1880s to the future.

What does it mean to consider Seattle’s Japanese American experience in the context of labor? What about seeing the experience alongside communities who have been frequently marginalized or ignored? Does it make you think of sites along the Japanese American Remembrance Trail in a new light?

Want a closer look? Visit the artwork’s website ( to see the panels up close alongside an interactive timeline.


The main entrance to the building on its east side.

Alabastro Photography. Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum.

Look for the child carrying the American flag on the south side for the panels related to the Japanese American experience.

Alabastro Photography. Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum.