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St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (#36)

Also known as: St. Peter’s

What started in houses in the late 19th c. by a small group of Japanese Anglicans and formed as the Japanese Mission of the Episcopal Church in Seattle in 1908, eventually grew to this church property, built in 1932.

While the church would close during World War II as members of the congregation were forcibly incarcerated in U.S. concentration camps, church members returned after the war to rebuild and reclaim. The church continues to serve as a refuge and center for the community, welcoming people from all walks of life and growing as a multiracial, multigenerational community.


St. Peter’s Episcopal Church was built in 1932.

Alabastro Photography. Courtesy of Wing Luke Museum.

Members pose on the front steps of the church. Front row: Fr. Andrew Otani, Mr. Kaseguma, (unknown), (unknown). Second row: Mr. Kamehachi, Mr. Matsumoto, Mrs. Shoji, (unknown). Third row: (unknown), Mrs. Matsumoto, Mrs. Aoki, Mr. Uchida, Mr. Nakamura. Fourth row: Mrs. Mizuki, Mrs. Okano, (unknown), (unknown), Mr. Onodera (far right). Fifth row: Mrs. Matsuoka, (unknown), Mr. Kimura. Back row: Mr. Taniguchi, Mr. Matsuo, Mrs. Uchida.

Wing Luke Museum Collection.

Members pose in front of the church on the occasion of the visitation by Bishop Stephen Bayne (center).

Wing Luke Museum Collection.


The St. Peter’s website ( includes links to additional videos with stories shared by its members.

Justice Interrupted: Remembering Executive Order 9066 and the Legacy of St. Peter, Seattle. Released by the Diocese of Olympia after the 2017 Threads of Remembrance event at St. Peter’s Episcopal Parish.